ross & owren fine catering, new Jersey


By Ross & Owren

Successful parties begin with careful attention to details. We advise our clients to begin to think about how their party should "feel" even before the invitations are sent.

When we design a menu we consider much more than the food. We give careful thought and attention to every hors d'oeuvres tray, single plate, and buffet; food presentation is enhanced with selected table settings.

With menu design, we think the "less is more" idea pleases guests whose palates are becoming more sophisticated. A few fabulously presented, delicious hors d’oeuvres are better appreciated then a stream of mediocre offerings.  We provide our clients with the specialty foods appropriate to the party mood; artisanal cheeses, handcrafted desserts, or a signature drink may enhance a menu.

Linens can be so sensuous; jewel tones in the fall, shimmery metallic fabrics in winter, crisp linens in spring, and fluid silks in summer. Unexpected combinations like burlap topped with silk, plaids with stripes, or silver with gold may work for you. Using an unexpected three layers of linens, instead of two, add to a luxurious feel. For casual parties, re-think traditional seating;  pillows on the floor surrounding a large coffee table, blankets on a hillside,  or a hay bales around a "campfire" can provide the twist that  makes a party memorable.

Lighting, lighting, lighting!  It sets the mood like nothing else, from candelabra on table tops, to paper lanterns hanging from trees, to crystal chandeliers in fabric tents.   Guests will immediately sense that this will be a special evening.

Music is a must at any party and the lack of it may create awkward voids, especially as guests arrive. Whether you choose to hire an orchestra, a DJ, or jazz quartet, your guests will surely respond to well-considered music.

Weather!  Even this we don’t leave to chance! We carefully develop a rain plan for outdoor parties, urge our clients to provide fans for summer parties, and heaters or outdoor fireplaces for fall parties. Everyone will be more comfortable.

The energy that goes into the details of a party will directly relate to the enthusiasm of your guests.  Luckily, there are no longer rules that a host must follow. Wedding receptions can be designed as informal cocktail parties, and the annual neighborhood block party can be a five course formal dinner. “Thinking outside the box” is our paradigm for planning an unforgettable party for you.